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Hey guys, Alex here. I'm going through a character sweep. EVERYBODY who has not been active on a certain account or ALL accounts [ without a hiatus note ] has until SATURDAY at 12:00 midnight to be active, And don't just do it for that day, because I'm not giving anybody another warning [ unless your life is busy and you TRY to be active, but give us a heads up please ]. Don't waste space, I've been informed there are people who want to apply for characters that are taken but inactive, so let's shape up and change this, 'kay?
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All Megaman Series characters © Capcom.
All OCs belong to their respective owners.
We claim no right to the Megaman franchise or anything of the sort.

Welcome to the Megaman Roleplaying universe!

Rules are here.



:bulletyellow: We have a chatroom!
Please keep in mind that the rules in the RP group also apply to the chatroom as well. We also wish that OOC be kept to a minimum if there is any roleplay going on, thank you! ♥ -Alex
:new: We have an alternate chatroom for those who are having troubs with dA. the-megaman-roleplay.chatango.… Go go go go go <333

Misc. Admin News!
:bulletblue: = Alecai | :bulletpink: = Digital-Banshee | :bulletpurple: = Lilac-Vrt-Olligoci |

:bulletblue: New admin since we've been needing one for a long time, one that'll actually get shit done and what not. :/ Say hello to xxVanillaMango, she roleplays our Vinci, Skull Man and Heat Man c:  

:bulletblue: MASCOT TIME! The roleplay homecoming queen mascot is none other than Carl, a pidgon created by Alecai that has a messed-up beak, can barely fly, and has brain-damage. He's adorable, and apparently hilarious. Whoever draws a decent picture, I'll name my baby after you-*SHOT* UNIMPORTANT UPDATE: Carl has a theme song now -… *SHOT*

:bulletblue: Okay so recently everyone's been having a problem with coming into the chat and stuff being dead. SO, I advise everyone, eastern time, to get on after 3-4ish, that's when a lot of us are gettin' out of school and what not. Friday nights are party nights! This means that well.....we need to be staying up late on the chat if we can. Have chatroom campfires and cause roleplay crack, whatever makes you guys happy. REMEMBER RULES STILL APPLY TO CRACK ALSO.

News from the Admins:

Alecai [Update last on: 4/17/2011]
:new: Nudduh playa'! X-the-Cyber-Elf

Digital-Banshee [Updated last on: 02/08/2011 ]

:new: :new: Yo, Just a heads up guys, we have an addition to the haitus list. Good luck with everything! c:

News from the Mods:

Lilac-Vrt-Olligoci [ Updated last on: 5/03/11 ]
:new: I'm not dead, just... incredibly inactive. That doesn't mean I'm still here trying to advertise, which is what I came here to say... Make sure you check out the Warriors-Life and the Robotic-Uprising, two very good forum style RP's. Maybe we'll get some members from there as well!

:new: Shree's characters are on a semi-hiatus, them being X-the-Cyber-Elf and TheTimeParadox

ShadowDragon030 [Updated last on: --/--/---- ]

Rules can be found here

Accepted Character Profiles


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